Texas Water Safari

Texas Water Safari

The Texas Water Safari is actually comprised of several events including an information seminar, two short races (one of which can be considered as a preliminary race) and of course, the Safari itself – the 260 mile race to Seadrift from the headwaters of the San Marcos River.

The Safari itself, billed as the “World’s Toughest Boat Race”, is an annual race via the San Marcos and Guadalupe rivers, from Aquarena Springs in the college town of San Marcos, to the shrimping village of Seadrift on the Texas coastline, a total distance of 260 miles. The first official race was held in 1963, and is run annually on the second Saturday of June.

The race is all out – non-stop with a maximum race time of 100 hours (although the leaders usually pull in at around 80 hours). All racers are required to carry a Globalstar Spot Device so the race committee can track everyone. Satellite Phone Solutions has rented Spots to the TWS for four years now. Give us a call at 561-245-5203 to get your reservation in place. Looking for a fun weekend trip for June …… start training!
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