Quotes From Walleye Central

Quotes From Walleye Central

Big thumbs up to Satellite Phone Solutions and Globalstar 1700. Just got back from NW of Ignace and the phone was flawless. Have always used Iridium and with 9 guys had to put some limits on how long they talked. Bill was always over $250.00. This year unlimited usage and less then $100 with shipping. Globalstar from now on. By the way, Best fishing ever in 30+ years of going to Canada. – DKRUSIN

Just got back from an awesome Lac Seul fishing trip. We fish the Chamberlain Narrows area of Lac Seul. I started taking my son last year when he was 9 years old and wanted to give my wife some peace of mind and rented the phone. Both times, we went with Satellite Phone Solutions and Globalstar. Basically went with the most reasonably priced solution and it has worked out really well both years. It seems like the service was better this year than last year. Last year there were times of the day when you might have to wait a minute or two before service was available. This year service was available right as the phone turned on. I went with the Globalstar 1700 phone rental, unlimited calling, and prepaid shipping both ways, and the total for the rental was $92. JKOEBEL

Just switched from my previous rental company to Satellite Phone Solutions – their customer service was incredible when I placed an order last week for an upcoming trip. Thanks for the tip. I also rented their foldable 12w solar panel. – KEEK”
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