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Globalstar 1700

Handheld Satellite Phone | GSP-1700

At 7oz and just over 5 Inches high, the GSP 1700 is the smallest and lightest satellite phone on the market. The 1700 comes in three colors, has a full color screen, back-lighted keypad, four hour battery talk-time, easy to use SMS capability and Bluetooth. The kit includes the phone, battery, AC charger, Quick Start Guide and User's Manual.

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Globalstar 1700

Enjoy crystal-clear voice quality. Whisper and be heard with CDMA digital voice quality. Fast data speeds at 9.6 Kbps. Position Location Serviceget your Latitude and Longitude directly from your Globalstar phone. The GSP-1700 is the ultimate handheld portable satellite phone. Using the optional GIK-1700 installation kit, you can easily create a complete satellite phone system in your vehicle or smallvessel. Use the phone hands-free with the optional Bluetooth module or industrial noise-canceling headset.

Loaded with Features:

  • Compact size: 5.3H x 2.2W x 1.5D
  • Lightweight: 7.05 ounces
  • Optimal voice clarity
  • Backlit color display optimized for outdoor daytime viewing
  • Long-life battery: 4 hours talk time, 36 hours standby
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lighted Keypad



  • Dimensions: 135 x 55 x 37mm
  • Weight: 200g (7.1 oz.)
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20 to +55C (-4 to +131F)
  • Storage Temperature Range: -40 to +85C (-40 to +185F)


  • Standby Time: up to 36 hours
  • Talk Time: 4 hours
  • 3.7V, 2600mAh


  • Backlit color display with 4-line, 12-character LCD
  • Volume, signal and battery strength indicators
  • Illuminated keypad
  • User-configurable display color scheme

Calling Features

  • Rings while antenna is stowed
  • Any Key Answer
  • Easy access to SMS and voicemail, with user configurable new message alert
  • Standard International Dialing
  • Mailbox for voice, numeric and text messages
  • User configurable ringtones (8)
  • Side volume keys
  • 2.5 mm headset connector


  • 99 entry internal address book, with ability to hide numbers in secret memory
  • Call history log retains received, missed and dialed calls

Usage Control Features

  • User-configurable call timers and available minute alert to manage costs
  • Keypad lock and security lock code for additional security

Data Network

  • USB data cable
  • Supports direct TCP/IP and asynchronous modem communications
  • Express Data provides up to 28kbps throughput (Uncompressed speed 9600bps)
  • Send emails, surf Internet, transfer files easily and quickly

GSP-1700 satellite phone package includes:

  • AC charger, Quick-start guide, User manual, CD-ROM. Available in-box colors: Copper, Silver, Red


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6 Iiscluster3 Uploads

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6 Resiwebbackup Uploads

Gsp 1700 Specs

Gsp 1700 Specs

Gsp1700 Usermanual

Gsp1700 Usermanual



DC Adapter for GSP-1700

Allows for operation of the GSP-1700 satellite phone while charging the battery. Fits standard automotive power sockets. Includes high-grade 6-foot coil cord.





Auxillary Charging Cradle for GSP-1700

Use it to externally charge a battery for the Globalstar GSP-1700, and provide power to the phone directly. Requires use of the Globalstar GVC-1700 vehicle charger (sold separately) or GWC-1700 Wall Charger.





Spare Battery for the GSP-1700

Delivers ample power to the GSP-1700 satellite phone. Provides 4 hours talk time, 36 hours standby time. High-capacity Lithium-ion technology with integrated circuitry protects against short circuits and overcharging.





Data Kit (CD and Cable) for GSP-1700

Internet access from the GSP-1700 is easy with the GDK-1700 cable and CD. Currently only available in the United States.





Nylon Case for the GSP-1700

Durable Nylon Case to protect your GSP-1700 handset





The Optimizer

The Optimizer not only provides Wi-Fi capability to nearly every mobile satellite terminal, it offers web compression, acceleration and firewall capability that increases web browsing speeds by three to five times, increases e-mail speed by up to 20 times, and prevents unwanted data from eating up your airtime.

The Optimizer connects to your satellite device, and then connects to your laptop or tablet via wi-fi or ethernet cable. Operations requires X-Gate monthly service, which can be purchased weekly, monthly, or annually. When you open X-Gate on your computer you are able to check e-mail, connect to weather files (including GRIB) and enjoy limited web access while saving dollars by reducing your satellite connection time.





12 Watt Solar Panel (Foldable)

The SolStar 12 Watt Solar Panel folds flat to 9" x 5" for easy of carriage. The panel unfolds to eight solar squares and generates 12 Watts (15.4 Volts, 800 mA) of solar power. It will charge a cell phone in one hour and a handheld satellite phone in three hours. SPS does not recommend a 12 Watt solar panel for larger (bgan) satellite terminals. The SolStar-12 comes with three cables, one with multiple fittings for various phones and cameras, one with aligator clamps, and one with a female cigarette lighter adapter (which is great for satellite phones).

Note that SPS also rents the SolStar-12 as an accessory to our Iridium and Globalstar handheld rentals. The rental price is $15 per week.





12 Ft Extension for Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Twelve Foot Extension cord with Cigarette Lighter Fittings for extending the connection of your Solaris-12 solar panel, or other power sources using Cigarette Lighter Fittings. 18 Gauge Wire, 15 Amp Capacity.




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Globalstar 1700
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